Ride Maps

Barrington Green (Jaycee)
Barrington Green (Northcroft)
Barrington Purple (Northcroft)
Barrington Purple (Jaycee)
Barrington Short (Northcroft)
Blackhawk Bonner Loop (Jaycee)
Blackhawk Bonner (Northcroft)
Blackhawk Old McHenry Loop (Jaycee)
Braeburn Bateman Hilly Loop (Jaycee)
Bristol Almond (Jaycee)
Bull Valley Long (Jaycee)
Bull Valley Short (Red Version)
Carol Beach (Jaycee)
Cty ML (Northcroft) Counter Clockwise
Cty Q (Northcroft) Counter Clockwise
Cty Q (Jaycee) Ctr Clockwise
Darrell Fisher (Jaycee) Clockwise
Darrell Fisher (Northcroft) Clockwise
Deep Lake Loop V2 (Jaycee)
Deerfield Paris Deerfield (Jaycee)
Diamond Lake Grass Lake (Jaycee)
Diamond Lake Loop (Northcroft)
Diamond Lake Loop (Jaycee)
Ela I-90 (Jaycee)
Ela I-90 (Northcroft)
Feldman aka Ivanhoe/Kelsey/Braeburn (Jaycee)
Gilmer Loop (Northcroft) S on Gilmer
Gilmer Loop (Jaycee) S on Gilmer
Ivanhoe (Jaycee)
Ivanhoe (Northcroft)
Long Grove Loop (Northcroft)
Milburn Wadsworth (Northcroft) Clockwise
Milburn Wadsworth (Jaycee) Clockwise
Mill Creek 173 (Northcroft) Clockwise
Mill Creek 173 (Jaycee) Clockwise
Old McHenry - Callahan (Northcroft) Clockwise
Old McHenry - Callahan (Jaycee) Clockwise
Old McHenry Gilmer Loop (Northcroft)
Old McHenry Gilmer Loop (Jaycee)
Rainbow Braeburn (Northcroft)
Rainbow Braeburn (Jaycee)
Round lake Loop Long (Jaycee)
Silver Lake Loop (Jaycee)
Super Loop (Jaycee)
Sylvan & Kemper Lakes (Jaycee)
Sylvan & Kemper Lakes (Northcroft)
Sylvan Lake Loop (Northcroft)
Sylvan Lake Loop (Jaycee)
Twin Lakes (Jaycee) Clockwise
Wauconda Loop (Northcroft) Clockwise
Wauconda Loop (Jaycee) Clockwise
Wauconda/Bull Combo (Jaycee)

Note: All “Map” and “CueSheet” buttons open with no issues on smart phones and PCs.  However, the “Ride with GPS” (RwGPS) button operates optimally on a PC and with the browser Firefox!  This function (RwGPS) button is ideal when you want to download the route to a Garmin or examine the course more closely on a PC.

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