Club Rules

How We Expect Members to Act on Rides

We all come to the rides to have some fun and get some exercise in a setting with compatible riders. Specific rules about member conduct are:      

  1. All riders must wear a cycling helmet on our rides
  2. Don’t run red lights.
  3. Stop behind cars at lights.
  4. No using aerobars, ear phones or ear buds on club rides.
  5. On B rides, breakaways off the front generally are not permitted.
  6. Three violations of 1, 2 and/or 3 constitute grounds for terminating membership in the club, but the  member has to have prompt notice of each violation that is being counted against him or her.

How Our Rides Work

1. So long as turnout is sufficient, each ride is split into separate A and B groups, except that some longer rides split on a long/short or other basis.

2. At the beginning of each ride, we will determine whether there are non-members riding along with us.

3. Stick to the posted route for at least the first half of each ride, in case members are looking to meet us en route. However, in bad weather we may switch routes earlier. If you plan to meet the ride part way in bad conditions, it’s a good idea to let someone know.

4. If any member is uncomfortable with how a non-member is riding, the member should feel free to ask the non-member to stay out of the pace line or otherwise adjust his or her riding. When necessary, the ride leader should back up other members on issues like this.

5. If any member invites a non-member to come along on one or more of our rides, the inviting member has to ride in the same group with the guest and help integrate him or her into the ride (or get some other member to agree in advance to do it). Also, please only invite people who you have ridden with a significant amount.
6. When we have a combined ride with both A and B riders, the A riders are required to ride at the B ride pace. However, just having one or a few B riders along on a ride that is mostly A riders does not make that ride a combined ride: it’s an A ride with a few B riders along. In those circumstances, A ride conventions apply.
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